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Enjoy West coast driving route and See The beautiful sea on the north of Okinawa Main Island.

Nakijin Castle

Nakijin Castle is also known as Hokuzan Castle. It was a base of Hokuzan King in the Sanzan period in Okinawa, which was named Ryukyu long time ago. Ryukyu was divided into 3 countries during the war at that time. It is also called Hokuzan castle. It was registered to a world heritage as “Gusku and a related heritage group of Ryukyu kingdom” in 2000. The cherry trees are planted by of the sides of the road as a gate. You can see the cherry trees when you walk through the promenade. At the hillock you can see both the sea and the cherry trees. The sea and the cherry trees during the daytime fascinating; but during Sakura Matsuri, it turns into a different kind of beauty when the area is light up at night.

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About 30 minutes in the general road
Distance of about 13.4km

Sesoko Bridge

After the Sesoko Bridge was built in 1985, going to the Sesoko island is now very easy compare to crossing the sea by boat back then. There is no road access around the Sesoko Island, but you can enjoy sea bathing and marine sports by the Sesoko beach. While you are looking at Sesoko Bridge, did you know that you could do snorkeling at Anchi beach under the bridge?

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About 53 minutes in the general road
Distance of about 26.6km

Kouri Island

Kouri Island is a small island with its circumference approximately. It has a restful impression of Okinawa. The location was used in some Japanese movies. There is a road that can go around the island without into the private property, it can be a very nice drive. Also you can drive to the farm freely and easily.

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About 1 hour and 33 minutes by toll road
Distance of about 84.5km

The Ryukyu garden

The Ryukyu garden is a stroll garden with a central pond with the influence of Chinese architectural style. It was completed in 1799, and it was built for the guests from China. With the beautiful trees around the site, take a short break by sitting under a tree can help you relax.

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About 41 minutes by toll road
Distance of about 27.6km

Katsuren Castle Remains

Katsuren Castle Remains is registered to the world heritage in 2000 along with Shuri Castle Remains as well as the “Gusuku of Ryukyu kingdom and a related heritage group”. The castle remain is on the slightly elevated hill, and it is possible to climb to it. The view from above is splendid, and the Kaichu road is also visible.

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About 36 minutes by toll road
Distance of about 25.3km

Ryukyu village

Ryukyu village is a theme park where you can experience the lifestyle of the old Okinawa. You can have your commemoration photographs with the Ryukyu clothing taken, and experiencing the making of the brown sugar here. There are many experience plans available, and it is a good place to spend your fun time.

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