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Sightseeing spots in Hakodate and See the large lavender fields of Furano.

Farm Tomita

It is one of the biggest lavender farms in Hokkaido that is about 12ha. It established long time ago, and it faced a difficulty in 1972 because of the low cost imports and artificial perfume into Japan. However it continues to cultivate until now.
The most popular flowers are 8 kinds of flower that changes each year from the middle to late of July. The best time to visit the lavender field that is about the size of 6ha would be July each year. Let’s enjoy the scent during the walk. You can try the lavender soft ice cream at the coffee shop. Also, original products such as good quality of the lavender oil and soap would made some great souvenirs.

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About 2 hour and 36 minutes in the general road
Distance of about 155km

Maruyama Zoo

There is a Maruyama Zoo where it has approximately 170 different kinds of animal. It is difficult to breed polar bears, but Maruyama Zoo was the only zoo in Japan that could successfully bred polar bears in the year 2000. You can go to Sapporo Hitsujigaoka Viewing Platform after visiting the zoo.

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About 4 hour and 12 minutes in the general road
Distance of about 253km


Goryokaku is a castle that was built to strengthen the defense system around the port of Hakodate. From 1868, the shogunate troop and the new government troop brought on the stage of fight called “Hakodate War”.
In addition, this place is also known as a place of beautiful cherry blossoms. Someiyoshino blooms around late April.

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About 16 minutes in the general road
Distance of about 6.4km

Kanamori Red Brick Warehouse

Kanamori Red Brick Warehouse is designated as one of the 4 traditional buildings of the Hakodate city along with Hakodate History Plaza, Kanamori Western House and Bay Hakodate. There are paid parking area where you can also enjoy shopping.

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About 2 hour and 1 minutes in the general road
Distance of about 95.2km

Matsumae Castle

The official name of Matsumae Castle is Fukuyama Castle, which was built in 1854 and it collapsed in 1868.
While the main building was rebuilt in 1960, the Honmarugomon still remains, and it is one of the important cultural properties in Japan. There is the Matsumae Koen next to the Matsumae Castle Remains.
This park is famous for cherry blossom in Hokkaido. It has 250 kinds of cherry trees such as Yaezakura and Someiyoshino, and there are 10,000 cherry trees through out the park. You can see the cherry blossom “Hanami” from late April on for a month because there are many kinds of cherry tree.

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