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Visit the sentimental Takayama and Magome
Enjoy the great nature of Kamikochi
Try this new type attraction – Gattan Go!


Taste the authentic tastes as you walk through the village

Old village of Takayama

Takayama is also called the small Kyoto of Hida. Lattice doors and windows of old merchant houses and old merchant’s street, Takayama still remains its traditional elegant atmosphere. You can take your time and walk through the old temples and the old “Takayama Jinya” buildings from the Edo Period. Miyakawa river that runs through the city and the red Naka bridge are recommended spots for taking photos. As you walk through the city, don’t miss to taste Takayam’s authentic local food such as Mitarashi dango (sweet soy sauce over dumpling), Hida beef burger, etc.

Old village of Takayama

Address: Gifu Prefecture Takayama-shi San-machi and other
Telephone: 0577-32-3333 (Takayama City, Department of Tourism)
Open hours:  different for each shop
Closed: different for each shop
Access: about 10 min. walk from JR Takayama Station
URL: http://www.hida.jp/chinese/ (Chinese)
http://www.hidatakayama.or.jp/ (Japanese)

  191 196 495

About a 7-minute walk
Distance of about 550m


Feel the energy of Takayama

Morning Market of Hida Takayama (Miyagawa Morning Market, Jinya-mae Morning Market)

Hida Takayam’s morning market is one of the three largest morning markets in Japan. Ladies from the country side sell various items including vegetables, mountain vegetables, flowers, miso paste (soy bean paste), traditional handcrafts, etc. This is a significant event of Takayama. Hida Takayama’s morning market is separated in two locations, one in the open space in front of Jinya called “Jinya-mae Morning market” and the other in Miyagawa district called “Miyagawa Morning Market”.

Morning Market of Hida Takayama (Miyagawa Morning Market, Jinya-mae Morning Market)

Address: Miyagawa Morning Market: Gifu Prefecture Takayama-shi Shimosannomachi Jinya-mae Morning Market: Hakkennmachi 1-5
Telephone: 0577-32-3333 (Takayama City, Department of Tourism)
Open hours: 7:00am to 12:00noon
Closed: open 7 days a week, all year
Access: about about 10 min. walk from JR Takayama Station
URL: http://www.jinya-asaichi.jp/english/index.html (Hida Takayama Jinya-mae Morning Market, English)
http://www.asaichi.net/index.html (Miyagawa Morning Market, Japanese)

  191 196 760

About 50 minutes in the general road
Distance of about 36.2km


Try this outdoor cart ride along old rail road

Gattan Go!!

Gattan Go!! is a totally new experience riding on a cart along the old rail road. As you step on your pedals, you can feel the bumps and sounds of the old rail road. You can also choose to ride on an electric power assisted HYBRID cart (3,000 yen for two-seater). If you want to relax and enjoy the mountain view, this is the attraction you want to try. Long bench type carts and sightseeing carts (1,500 yen per person) are suitable for families with kids to have fun riding on Gattan Go!!

Gattan Go!!

Address: Gifu Prefecture Hida-shi Kamioka-cho Azumo chinai (meeting place: former Kamioka Railway, Okuhida Onsenguchi Station)
Telephone: 090-7020-5852 (Rail Mountain-bike only call center)
Open hours: Saturdays, Sundays and National Holidays: 9:00am to 4:30pm (reception closes at 4:15pm), 8 tours a day
(October through November: closes at 3:30pm (reception closes at 3:15pm), 7 tours a day)
Weekdays: 10:00am to 2:30pm (reception closes at 2:15pm), 5 tours a day
Closed: Wednesdays (may be different in August)
Access: about 20 min. drive from Okuhida Tanaka Farm
URL: http://rail-mtb.com/en/ (English)
http://rail-mtb.com/ (Japanese)

  191 862 094

About 1 hour and 9 minutes by toll road
Distance of about 51.6km


Experience the luxury of bathing in white smoky color hot spring

Shirahone Onsen – Awanoyu

The large outdoor bath full of white smoky hot spring, surrounded by trees will give you the ultimate relaxing and luxurious bathing experience. When you bathe in the indoor bath, named “Awanoyu (bubble bath)”, you can see micro bubbles forming on your skin just like it’s name describes. This type of hot spring that forms micro bubbles on your skin is known for its skin moisturizing effect.

Shirahone Onsen – Awanoyu

Address: Nagano Prefecture Matsumoto-shi Azumi 4181
Telephone: 0263-93-2101
Open hours: one-day hot spring bathe: 10:30am to 2:00pm
Closed: irregular
Access: about 55km drive from Kamioka-cho
URL: http://www.awanoyu-ryokan.com/awanoyu/english.html (English)
http://www.awanoyu-ryokan.com/ (Japanese)

  405 540 402

About 25 minutes in the general road
Distance of about 13.9km


A treasure house of precious plants and animals


Kamikochi is not only a treasure house of wild birds such as Japanese bush warblers and jays, it is also a treasure house of alpine plants such as Fringed galax and wild flower. As you walk on the pedestrian path, you can observe these wild flowers by the clear water streams and ponds. If you are lucky, you may come across Japanese antelopes.


Address: Nagano Prefecture Matsumoto-shi Azumi-kamikochi
Telephone: 0263-95-2433 (Kamikochi Information Center)
Access: walking distance from Kamikochi Imperial Hotel
URL: http://www.kamikochi.or.jp/chinese_simp/ (Chinese)
http://www.kamikochi.or.jp/ (Japanese)

  405 871 110

About 2 hour and 27 minutes in the general road
Distance of about 110km


Still remains the atmosphere of Japanese old village


Magome-juku is a post town of the Edo Period, located at the very south among the ten post towns of Kiso. If you walk up the stone pavement, you will see residents, tea houses, souvenir shops along the path that still remain the atmosphere of old times. Visitors can park their cars at the parking lot and take a relaxing walk in this old town.


Address: Gifu Prefecture Nakatsugawa-shi Magome 4300-1
Telephone: 0573-69-2336 (Magome Tourism Accosiation)
Access: about 160km from Kamikochi
URL: http://www.kiso-magome.com/(Japanese)

  178 383 854