Spend a comfortable time at a resort town, Yufuin, and drive on Yamanami Highway.
Visit tourist spots of Kagoshima and move down through Satuma Peninsula.


Sagiridai is an observatory that commands the large panoramic view of Yufuin basin. You can enjoy the landscape of Yufuin changing every season, and it is the perfect spot to see the night view of Yufuin. You can also buy some snacks, beverage and souvenirs here.

  46 301 876

About 7 minutes in the general road
Distance of about 3.8km

Lake Kinrin

Lake Kinrin is Japan’s foremost sightseeing spot. This is a lake where hot spring and pure water well up from the bottom. Tender green in the summer and colored leaves in the autumn decorate the lakeside. The morning mist, which can be seen on a cold morning, is a truly fantastic scenery. There is a cafe near the lake, and you can enjoy a comfortable time enjoying the lakeside. Nearby is the Marc Chagall Yufuin Kinrin-ko Art Museum.

  269 359 705

About a 4-minute walk
Distance of about 350m

Kyushu Yufuin Mingei Mura

Kyushu Yufuin Mingei Mura (Folk Craft Village) is few minutes walk from Lake Kinrin. The buildings of Kyushu Yufuin Mingei Mura are restoration of a residence of chief retainer, mercantile houses, storehouses, and etc. You can enjoy the feeling as if you slipped back into the Edo period. This place collects folk crafts from the end of the Edo Period to the Meiji Period all over Japan. It also exhibits the representation of the lifestyle of early people and manufacturing of handmade Japanese paper and glass products. You can also experience indigo dyeing and pottery throwing to make yourself a one and only unique souvenir in the world.

  269 359 634

About 1 hour and 14 minutes in the general road
Distance of about 52.9km

Kujyu Hanakoen

Kujyu Hanakoen is a flower park that spreads in the 850-meter above sea level Kuzumi Highland. About 500 kinds of flowers (3 million plants) come into blossom from spring to autumn. In April, Viola, tulips and cherry blossoms are in full bloom. From early summer, lavenders and sunflowers gorgeously bloom, and in autumn you can enjoy cosmos and salvia. Take note that it is not open during the winter season (January-March).

  440 464 470

About 3 hour and 45 minutes by toll road
Distance of about 232km

Sun-Messe Nichinan

Sun-Messe Nichinan is a theme park in Nichinan City. On top of moai statues that are completely reproduced under special permission from (Elders Council of Easter Island). Here you will find Fureaibokujou (animal ranch) where you can touch animals and a kids square with play equipment. Next to the facility is “Arashi-no-yu” (spa of the storm) where a therapy to warm your body with power of ingredients from the hot spring water and 15 kinds of medical ores.

  274 595 132

About 3 hour and 38 minutes by toll road
Distance of about 144km

Ibusuki Hot Spring

Ibusuki Hot Spring is a tourist spot famous for sand bath. In sand bath, you will wear yukata and lie down on the beach, which is heated by the heat of the hot spring. Bury your whole body in the sand, and warm your body like the effect of having natural sauna. By enjoying hot sand bath while listening to the waves as BGM, it is said that your blood circulation will improve. It can help wash off any waste products in your body along with your sweat that slowly comes out of your body. Your health will get better. You can experience sand bath in facilities like the sand bath hall “Sharaku” on the beach of Ibusuki Hot Spring.

  285 198 476

About 22 minutes in the general road
Distance of about 12.9km


Nagasakibana has Satsuma-Nagasakibana lighthouse, and it is characterized by the beautiful coastlines with pine trees. When you look at the East China Sea from here, you can see three islands (Takejima, Iojima, and Kuroshima Islands), and when the air is clean, you can also see Yakushima Island and Tanegashima Island. This place is especially known as a perfect spot to see the sunset. The view of Mt.Kaimon-dake (height: 924 meters) nicknamed Satsuma Fuji is also magnificent. This place is also known as the stage of Japanese old fairy tale “Urashima Taro” legend, and nearby is the Ryugu Shrine.

  226 241 843

About 36 minutes in the general road
Distance of about 18.5km

Lake Ikeda

Lake Ikeda is the biggest caldera lake in Kyushu with a depth of 233 meters and the circumference of 15 km, which is said to have been created by caving due to ancient volcanic activities. The scenery of Mt. Kaimon-dake from here is magnificent, and it reflects its inverted image on the surface of the lake. From mid-December to late-February, rape flowers bloom beautifully all around. In the summer, sunset cosmos flowers out bloom. Moreover, inspired by Nessie of Loch Ness, a statue of Issie is located on the shore of Lake Ikeda, which is said to live in Lake Ikeda.

  285 275 135